About us


In the heart of UAE, AAVVA was born. A Dubai-based fashion brand that brought architectural insight into fashion, distinctly known as the brand that blends Arabic and Latin American roots into the UAE’s rich cultural environment. AAVVA is met with considerable popularity by discerning aficionados from the style conscious society of Dubai.


A fashion fantasy blend with two powerful culture , the designer duo, Ahmad Ammar the Lebanese Engineer and Vincenzo Visciglia the Brazilian Architect Co-founder of AAVVA harmonizes the contradictory elements of the east and the west, the modern and the old, the dark and the bright side of colors along with superior raw materials and fine stitch.

Our Story

Taking advantage of the fast economic growth and market development in UAE today, AAVVA Fashion has started with its CAMEL LOGO and met considerable popularity and success. Backed by cumulative experience, the project was successful and is having great potential for further development.

AAVVA is a brand created by two engineers, AHMAD AMMAR (Lebanese) and VINCENZO VISCIGLIA (Brazilian). Being involved in the Fashion World, they both picked up the UAE to start the brand. In the year of 2011 at which time they found themselves in Dubai, eventually they both split their time between Engineering and Fashion. The Element of their brand is strictly in reference to their background as engineers. AAVVA is a mixture of Lebanese Fashion meeting a Brazilian Touch.

We strongly believe through our designs, together with Superb Client-Oriented Service, our clients inside and outside UAE are brought ever more in step in the latest fashion couture world.